MATERIALS OF CONSTRUCTION: This approval covers the models listed above in aluminum, ductile iron, stainless steel and some nickel alloys (Alloy C), and would encompass standard designs as well as designs incorporating minor modifications that would not affect the unit’s pressure / vacuum relieving characteristics.

ASSESSMENT CRITERIA: Each of these designs has been assessed in accordance with EN13463-1:2001 Non-electrical equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres – part 1: Basic method and requirements. This assessment includes analysis of the following risks: 1) Hot surface 2) Electrostatic Discharge 3) Electrical Sparking 4) Mechanical Sparking 5) Radiation 6) Adiabatic Compression.

LABELING: All of these designs are ATEX approved and orders shipped from Bensenville, Illinois USA to territories in Europe, Africa & Middle East are supplied with a stainless steel CE conformity tag. The legal requirement for the tagging is applicable to European territories.

CERTIFICATION: Every unit shipped from Protectoseal Bensenville for the defined territories is issued with a “Certificate of Conformance” in accordance with the ATEX requirements.

VALIDITY: Equipment certification is to be renewed every 10 years and applies to new equipment used in the production, storage, processing filling and transportation of volatile products.