Industries Served

For over 95 years, Protectoseal has been an industry pioneer and leading manufacturer of products that conserve and control volatile emissions and protect low pressure storage tanks, vessels, processes and ancillary equipment from fire and explosion.

Protectoseal’s integrated line of pressure and vacuum relief vents, flame arresters and related vapor control devices are most often used in liquid storage and processing applications found in manufacturing industries including but not limited to:

Chemical / Petrochemical

The broad expanse and complexity of this particular process industry can be extremely challenging. Protectoseal has played a prominent role in the conservation and control of the volatile emissions found in the production and storage of chemicals and petrochemicals since our inception.


Oil, gas and petroleum operations present enormous challenges. Protectoseal’s expertise and capabilities in providing vapor control equipment related to the production, transmission, processing and storage of oil and gas products is unsurpassed.

Bulk Storage

Protectoseal has taken on a strong leadership role in promoting the safe operation of manifolded vapor recovery systems found at bulk storage tank terminals. Controlling the potential for fire and explosion inherent in these operations requires our experience and wide range of products.

Alternative Fuels

Today’s rapidly expanding alternative fuels industry has turned to Protectoseal for their expertise in the processing of ethanol or other biofuels. Our commitment to the industry is highlighted by our participation in various associations and functions.


The pharmaceutical and biotech companies of today face an array of demanding challenges. Protectoseal is well positioned as the industry leader who understands their unique process requirements and can provide assistance in meeting those challenges.

Food / Beverage

Our highly trained staff fully understands the particular conditions found throughout food and beverage facilities. Whether it is the processing of beer, wine, spirits or food, you can rely on Protectoseal to provide the best possible solution.


Protectoseal addresses the critical protocols required in the production of semiconductors, circuit boards, etc. by offering a line of PURE-TECH™ products. Subjected to a multi-stage cleansing and/or passivation process, these devices are suitable for the ultra-pure liquid storage applications.

Pulp / Paper

Protectoseal’s extensive range of high quality vapor control products focus on improving the operational efficiency of the unique manufacturing processes associated with this industry. Our staff is highly trained to identify these challenges and provide viable solutions.