Now Includes Calculations based on API 2000 / ISO28300 and Annex “A” of API 2000 / ISO 28300!

Continuing its role as the industry leader in providing the most comprehensive and innovative technical support, Protectoseal is proud to introduce PRO-FLOW III, our proprietary Vapor Control Equipment Sizing and Selection Software. For decades, PRO-FLOW has been recognized as the premier software package for specifying conservation vents, emergency vents, flame and detonation arresters and other related products.

PRO-FLOW calculates the venting requirements for low pressure tanks in accordance with API 2000, NFPA 30 and OSHA 1910.106 and ISO 28300. Based on user supplied data for a specific tank system, the software determines the most suitably sized vent, flame arrester, detonation arrester, or combination of devices to maintain the tank system within safe operating parameters. Output data includes a written summary of design inputs, the required venting calculations, pressure drops, recommended Protectoseal model number and other user defined system information. Flow curves illustrating the pressure/vacuum flow characteristics of the recommended venting device are generated.

The PRO-FLOW III release expands these significant software capabilities to include a broader range of Protectoseal products, enhanced graphics, user friendly project management capabilities and more comprehensive calculation and sizing tools.

  • PRO-FLOW III provides the capability of sizing vents in accordance with the requirements of the main body or Annex “A” of API 2000 and ISO 28300.
  • PRO-FLOW III employs the Windows.NET platform and is compatible with Windows XP (SP2) and Vista.
  • Simplification of upgrades and improved storage space utilization.
  • Expanded product range - flame arresters, detonation arresters, non-metallic vents, emergency vents and more.
  • Complete tank system project management capabilities. Allows electronic identification and storage of tank/vent data in an easily accessible and retrievable format. Fields are now available for user notes, tank identification, tag numbers, etc.
  • Projects are exportable to XML format to facilitate e-mail or archiving activities.
  • Updated flow data for Emergency Manway Vents
  • Enhanced Emergency venting calculation. Allows for calculating an optional emergency venting requirement based on the specific stored liquid and/or the use of defined environmental reduction factors.