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Heat-Actuated Safety Shut-off Valve

safety-shutoffvalve-productThe Protectoseal Series No. U1-45 Heat Actuated Safety Shut-off Valves are specifically designed for installation in the withdrawal lines of flammable or combustible liquid storage tanks. The valves are normally held in the fully open position by a heat-activated element mechanism. In the event of exposure to an external fire source, the element is activated and the valve is closed securely by an internal spring. The flow of liquid through the withdrawal line is stopped.


Easy Installation & Maintenance. Valves are easily installed using standard NPT threaded connections. Integrity of the element is readily verified by visual inspection. Well-proven, functional design minimizes the need for inspection, maintenance or repair activities.

Fully Automatic. Heat activates the valve — shutting off the flow of flammable liquid. Provides additional safety for operating and firefighting personnel. Click Here for typical valve installation and technique.

Rugged, Compact Design. The simple, positive shut-off mechanism is protected by high quality cast bronze housings. Damage to the element head will normally result in positive shut off of the valve. The element assembly can be replaced in minutes without special tools or equipment.

Thoroughly Tested. Each valve is rated for 200 PSIG operating pressure. Elements are provided with nominal temperature ratings of 155°F or 200°F. Tested for positive sealing at the seat, integrity of the castings and all sealed joints.

Test Lab Listings. Approved by Factory Mutual (FM) in all sizes.

Quality Assurance. Each valve is inspected and tested to verify conformance to Protectoseal's high quality standards prior to shipment.


Cast bronze components; stainless steel bellows and spring, sealing disks, TFE or Buna-N