Clamp-On Steam Jackets

The clamp-on steam jackets offered by Protectoseal are designed to be installed in conjunction with pressure and/or vacuum relief vents and some flame arresters. Steam jacketing is commonly used on tanks containing liquids whose vapors tend to crystallize at ambient temperatures; (e.g. Naphthalene, Maleic Anhydride, DMT, Phthalic Anhydride). They are often utilized in cold climates to prevent freezing and plugging.


The clamp-on jacket provides a means of transferring heat from steam to the vent or flame arrester on which it is installed. Uniform heating of the valves and housing helps ensure the unit will remain in operating condition, free from plugging.

  • Heating Chamber – The entire jacket is a heating chamber rather than a small chamber embedded in an aluminum casting, where aluminum must transfer the heat.
  • Light Weight – Because the clamp-on jacket is lighter than conventional jackets, there is less stress on the piping system. Easy removal for maintenance or repair in the field.
  • No Cross Contamination – The clamp-on jacket eliminates the danger of cross contamination between product and heating medium.
  • Meets your Specifications – Custom fabricated to meet your exact specification.
  • Carbon steel jackets are standard. Standard design is rated for 150 PSIG at 800°F.
  • Jacket connections are 3000# FNPT.
  • Hydrostatic testing can be done in accordance with the customer’s request.
  • Flanged connections are also available.