Distilleries Product Guide

Protectoseal has provided the world’s spirit producers with a comprehensive range of products that offer the highest levels of protection and regulatory compliance in their hazardous production and storage environments.

Distillers are facing increasing regulatory pressures that demand all storage tanks be fitted with adequate means of operational and emergency venting, and explosion protection devices for use in potentially combustible atmospheres that may be subject to Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion (BLEVE) incidents.

In this very competitive market our customers seek solutions that will offer enhanced returns on investment by way of increased yields and lower operating costs.

See below for a wide range of products with the following approvals; FM, UL, USCG & ATEX.

Explosion Protection Recommendations

  • In-line
    Deflagration Arresters


  • In-line
    Detonation Arresters


  • End-of-line
    Deflagration Arresters


  • End-of-line Conservation Vent
    and Flame Arrester


Pressure Protection Recommendations

  • Hinged Emergency Pressure
    Relief Manhole Cover Vent


  • End-of-Line Pressure &
    Vacuum Conservation Vents


  • End-of-Line Emergency
    Pressure Vent


  • Rupture Disks


Protectoseal Expertise 

Protectoseal offers industry leading technical leadership with its renowned flame and explosion protection for the most diverse and challenging of industrial applications. By utilizing a range of testing facilities, advanced algorithms and computational fluid dynamics (CFD), our research and development team is constantly looking for new ways to challenge the status quo, thus providing best-in-class innovation.  

With over 95 years in the business, we have an established sales and service team to support clients with their initial specifications and throughout the product’s life cycle.