Elmac Technologies is now
trading as Protectoseal.

Stronger Together

Elmac Technologies has been acquired by Protectoseal. This acquisition brings together two industry leaders in the field of industrial safety solutions. Protectoseal’s acquisition of Elmac Technologies will result in a wider range of products, improved R&D capabilities, and increased global market reach. Customers can also expect the same level of commitment to quality and customer service with enhanced offerings.

Notably, one significant benefit of this acquisition is the improved availability of our Flame Arresters, Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valves and Blanketing Valves, ensuring that customers can readily access the products they need when they need them.

About Our Acquisition

We are thrilled to announce that Protectoseal, the industry-leading manufacturer of high-quality safety and flame control products, has successfully acquired Elmac Technologies. This strategic move is a significant step towards fulfilling our objective of expanding our international business through both organic growth and strategic acquisitions.

With the acquisition of Elmac Technologies, our combined organization is poised to benefit from a market-leading range of products and shorter lead times through an expanded network of established global suppliers. Our technology and business development teams now have access to comprehensive testing capabilities across our full product line-up, enabling us to deliver tailored
solutions that meet our customers’ specific requirements.

The synergies between our companies extend beyond operational benefits. We anticipate greater worldwide reach with an expanded network of sales agents, shared innovation and technology, and enhanced product development. As we look to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the ‘Net Zero’ concept, we are excited to expand our unique Hydrogen Flame Arrester range and deliver on
the safety requirements of our growing customer base.

Chuck Hall, President of Protectoseal, expresses his enthusiasm for the acquisition, stating;

“Elmac aligns perfectly with our growth strategy in the high-
quality safety and flame control products market. This acquisition diversifies our portfolio and solidifies our position as a leading supplier of premium safety products. We see great potential for customer and technical collaborations that will benefit both businesses.”

Lew Bingham, Managing Director of Elmac Technologies, adds;

“This agreement strengthens our product portfolio and represents an important milestone in the realization of our ambitious growth plans. The operation al synergies between our businesses are evident, and we are genuinely excited about extending our range and expanding into new markets.”

The Protectoseal and Elmac Technologies merger signifies a dynamic partnership positioned to provide comprehensive safety solutions and drive meaningful industry advancements. We look forward to the opportunities ahead and to serving our customers with unparalleled dedication and expertise.

For any inquiries or further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.