RE-Flow® End-of-line Deflagration Flame Arresters


Gas Groups: D & C | IIA, IIA1, IIB1, IIB2 & IIB3

Protectoseal ERB Series End-of-Line Flame Deflagration Flame Arresters are designed to prevent atmospheric deflagrations from entering a gas or vapor piping system, or a storage tank when installed at the end of a vent pipe. Vapors are allowed to escape into the atmosphere and air can be drawn into the tank through the E-Flow® enhanced crimped ribbon arresting element. If an ignition source outside the tank (unconfined deflagration) is encountered, the flame arrester provides protection for the tank’s vapor space. The ERB Series Flame Arresters’ unique operating mode allows downward venting (RE-Flow®) and self-draining of the arrester element ensuring minimal plugging or clogging of the element under normal operating conditions.


  • E-Flow® technology provides exceptional flow capacities with minimal pressure drop
  • Self-draining element prevents rain, dirt or other foreign matter entering the piping system
  • Simple, compact, robust design that is quick and easy to install and maintain
  • Lightweight; up to 5 x lighter than standard flanged arresters
  • Sizes: 25/64” (10mm) through 3 5/64” (80mm)
  • Connections: BSP/NPT Female/Flanged
  • Materials: Stainless Steel
  • Gas Groups: D & C | IIA, IIA1, IIB1, IIB2 & IIB3
  • Testing & Certifications: EN ISO 16852 and approved to ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU.
  • Alternative connections available
  • Additional material available