Spring-Loaded Pressure and Vacuum Relief Vents

To meet the need for higher operating pressures, Protectoseal has developed a series of spring-loaded pressure only, pressure / vacuum and vacuum only vents for settings ranging from 3 PSIG through 12 PSIG. The spring-loaded units are available in sizes up to 24″ in many of the configurations and materials of construction as the weight-loaded units.

Depending on the size of an individual unit and the setting required, Protectoseal will furnish one, two or three springs of appropriate rating to achieve accuracy of initial setting, smoothness of operation and maximum flow capacity.

Spring-loaded vents are available as: 1) Pressure Relief Vents only, 2) Vacuum Relief Vents only or, 3) as Combined Pressure / Vacuum Vents that can be spring-loaded on the pressure side only, vacuum side only or on both sides. The side not spring-loaded would have conventional weight loading with a minimum setting of 2 oz./sq. in.