Pharmaceuticals Product Guide

Protectoseal has engineered an innovative range of products designed specifically to minimize both the risks and costs associated with the protection of people, equipment and the environment in these uniquely hazardous working conditions.

Also available on Pressure and Vacuum Conservation Vents and Tank Blanketing Valves is our exclusive PURE-TECH cleanliness protocols required in pure water and pure chemical applications (not food grade).

See below for a wide range of products with the following approvals; FM, UL, USCG & ATEX.


  • In-line
    Detonations Arresters


  • End-of-line
    Deflagration Arresters


  • In-line
    Deflagration Arresters


  • Tank Blanketing


  • Rupture Disks


  • End-of-Line Pressure &
    Vacuum Conservation Vents


Protectoseal Expertise 

Protectoseal offers industry leading technical leadership with its renowned flame and explosion protection for the most diverse and challenging of industrial applications. By utilizing a range of testing facilities, advanced algorithms and computational fluid dynamics (CFD), our research and development team is constantly looking for new ways to challenge the status quo, thus providing best-in-class innovation.  

With over 95 years in the business, we have an established sales and service team to support clients with their initial specifications and throughout the product’s life cycle.