Terminals & Bulk Storage Product Guide

Protectoseal has developed an innovative range of products designed specifically for use in terminals and bulk storage, with minimal product losses, best in-class pressure relief and enhanced explosion protection performance.

The possibility of VOC ignition leading to a potentially catastrophic explosion is an ever-present risk in the bulk storage industry. Operational needs necessitate complete dependability, minimal maintenance and cost-effective solutions.

See below for a wide range of products with the following approvals; FM, UL, USCG & ATEX.


  • In-line
    Detonations Arresters


  • End-of-line
    Deflagration Arresters


  • In-line
    Deflagration Arresters


  • Tank Blanketing


  • Hinged Emergency Pressure
    Relief Manhole Cover Vent


  • End-of-Line Pressure &
    Vacuum Conservation Vents


Protectoseal Expertise 

Protectoseal offers industry leading technical leadership with its renowned flame and explosion protection for the most diverse and challenging of industrial applications. By utilizing a range of testing facilities, advanced algorithms and computational fluid dynamics (CFD), our research and development team is constantly looking for new ways to challenge the status quo, thus providing best-in-class innovation.  

With over 95 years in the business, we have an established sales and service team to support clients with their initial specifications and throughout the product’s life cycle.