• Series 3908 Pressure & Vacuum Relief Thief Hatch Product Launch – February, 2019

Series No. 3908
Pressure & Vacuum Relief Thief Hatch

Introducing the new Series 3908 Pressure & Vacuum Relief Thief Hatch – the better thief hatch from The Protectoseal Company. Precision lapping of the valve seat ensures the best possible sealing characteristics resulting in a maximum allowable leakage rate of no more than 1 SCFH at 90% of pressure / vacuum set point. The Series 3908 is designed to deliver impressive flow performance, as validated through testing established under API 2000 / ISO 28300 guidelines. Each and every thief hatch is tested and shipped with its own test certificate - quality and reliability assured!
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  • Introducing the New Web-Based PRO-FLOW® – October, 2018

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